wind of change

5 June 2012

So after what has been more than a week from my return from Moscow i finally got my head together to post some photos from what was the ultimate trip of the year so far and one of the best ever.Actually i should have made this post when my excitement about this trip was still in critical levels.I discovered that the reality of life back in Athens took some of it's glory away.Nevertheless it's still full of great memories that will linger for a long time.It was a short trip but the glimpse of Moscow we had was enough to make us realise that it's a place on it's way to the stars whereas Europe feels like an old place that is breathing it's last bits of air.People in Moscow were exciting,energetic,excited about everything,hungry for new things and experiences and friendly.All the places we visited felt so fresh and exciting especially in a city like Moscow that is trying to form a new identity based on the flow of money that has been blowing like wind in the sails of a new society that is on the rise.To say anything about the girls in Moscow would be an understatementOne has to witness himself the effortless beauty and coolness of Russian girls.Our weekend there was full of new friends,new sights,and a feeling of excitement over anything.Our host the Strelka institute was a great place to be and we felt honoured to be invited by them.The opening night for summer 2012 that featured the Mathew Herbert Big Band and Canadian musician Mantler,was one of the most glorious night i have ever had.I was happy to hang out with the guys from OK-RM that are responsible for Strelka's new brand identity and posters.More highlights included the food at Solyenka bar and a crazy ealy morning ride stuck Moscow traffic on our way to Simachev bar.It was funny riding an unknown man's vintage white Mercedes at 5 in the morning and ending up in one of the coolest places you can visit in Moscow.
Our NonCollective party was one the best and the crowd really helped us have an amazing time.I can't wait to go back to Moscow and have a blast with all our new friends there.I want to thank everyone that made this trip happen and all our homies in Moscow for an amazing hospitality.

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