stanger in a strangeland

7 May 2012

This was supposed to be a post about the new Apartamento issue but ended up being more a self defining session dealing with my overgrowing identity crisis.I have come to realise that reading most of the articles of similar magazines i find my self daydreaming while sitting in Athenian cafes,of a life that is actually so far from my reality.If i have to resolve too some serious self criticism i find my tendency towards this kind of romanticist idealism part of my alienation from my actual environment and the fact i don't produce any artistic material i could be proud of in some way.Looking at my self with the eyes of a stranger i'm a person that finds it hard to relate with his reality but doesn't even try hard creating a new one.Sometimes looking at my blog and considering the fact i live in Athens i can understand that this kind of elitism has little to relate to the Greek reality.I know it may come off as arrogant and flamboyant but these little curiosities and dreams about another life is the only thing that saves me from a mental breakdown.This is not a place perform my psychoanalysis but i though that some of my friends here could relate.Back to the actual subject of the post now the new Apartamento issue is great as always and a source of great inspiration.It felt really great to travel through some kind of osmosis to so many places though it's pages last Friday.Thanks to Ommu Distribution for making me feel that this forlorn city is still part of the civilised world.Look out for their come back in a new space really soon for more printed daydream material.

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