the right to laziness or the importance of being idle and other moral stories

1 May 2012

Today for me marked the coming of summer.At least in this part of the world where the sun is still worshiped as the ultimate god.With the coming of this season i always start reminiscing of past summers and things i love doing.Like watching this film again and again and again and wondering what ever happened to the role of cinema as a social shaping tool.Whatever that is.Back in the days where the French and their culture forged a whole way of life that seems threatened more than any other time in recent history by the monster called globalization and the transformation of the capital into an entity of it's own.La Collectionneuse is one of those films that manages to talk about so many issues about relationships and life in such a profound philosophical way disguised though into a summertime love affair celebrating the art of laziness.And this is the reason i decided to post something again about this unique work of art.I think that the dialogue between Adrien and the aer dealer sums up in the best way my philosophy about life and is as relevant as ever especially now in a time where humanity faced again with a dilemma that might be the biggest it has ever faced till now.And one that might be crucial for it's survival.I won't try to reproduce this dialogue here.Watch the video or even better watch the movie if you still have not got the chance.Adrien for me here exhibits in the the best possible way the philosophy of laziness and it's importance in life.Laziness free from the guilt and stigma that society has placed upon it to serve the evergrowing need for production and wealth.Laziness as a source of creativity and a chance to discover the very essence of life it's self.In a way Adrian here is a short of boheme anarchist standing fearless in front of the face of the capital portrayed in the face of the wealthy collector.It's interesting to see how he tries to humiliate and diminish the bohemian lifestyle of Adrien while in showcasing his raw and undisputed strength in front of the Haydee.Reading many articles lately about the economic crisis and Paul Lafargue's masterpiece ''The right to be lazy'' i thought again about how Rohmer's film is so relevant today.The question that really has to be answered is what kind of life do we really want.It's really funny to think that the only options for living are the poor options that society has given and consider how many people have failed to really live a life designed to their own needs.The true human needs and not the ones fabricated by lifestyle.Take in consideration that evert human being is a unique individual and his personality no matter what the external influences that shape him and make him part of a flock he or her is unique and grain of sand in a desert.No one really looks like the other.So why live a life cut to suit someone else.What society has achieved today in favor of the capitalistic elite is to make you feel that work is the only true goal of one's life.This is not a new story but now more than ever with unemployed rates rising to immense heights the system makes you think that a job is the only saviour and the chance to live a happy life.Which probably means affording to buy some of the shit it has to throw at you like a new IPad when you dont even know how to spell your name on a keyboard.The best things in life are free.And especially in this land showered by the sun some of them are completely free.Humanity should once again concentrate on the real side of life.Leisure and not laziness in the way it has been accused.The time to enjoy a caress,the laughter of your new born kid,a good book,the warmth of the sun on your skin,the shade of a tree in July.Whatever makes you happy on can make you produce something else apart from wealth destined to end up in someone else's pockets.A painting,a short story a chocolate cake,a poem a wooden chair or just taking your time in the toilet.The importance of your own personal time is sacred.The Protestant influence on economic design in Europe's new dogma has not included time for your useless human needs.Adrian is a type of person that has no use for today's world.He is a reminder of what the try values of life used to be.And for me it's not coincidence Rohmer and Lafargue where both French.The biggest revolution's in two centuries started and were based on the philosophy of this land.It's a time where either a new revolution will make life again livable or ruthless left wing politics of today will prevail over life it's self.The movie it's self is a reminder of how in recent times art was much more than a manufactured product designed to bring profit.The Avengers might be a fun movie to watch but it won't help anyone change the world.Choose a calm summer night and put this movie on.And think really hard of how you want your life to be for your remaining years.Being lazy is your right and no one has the authority to deprive it from you.It's time to make laziness again a virtue and free people from the guilt of taking their time.

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