i love greece

29 March 2012

If someone were to ask me what Greece stands for i would most probably reply with this set of pictures as an answer.When the ministry of tourism was still active as a real way of promoting this place,it produced a series of vinyl records with a lovely booklet with some pics of Greek islands.Graphic design is simple and effective and bears little resemblance to today's bad taste that characterises most of the new campaigns of Greek tourism.For me the essence of Greece has always been the bare golden tones of the bare summer scenery next to the endless blue of the Aegean.The beauty of the Greek islands as portrayed in the poetry of Elytis and Seferis.For me Greece is that and only that.And as far as im concerned my memories from my summers in that small part of the world are one of the few reasons that make me grateful to be alive.Somehow it all seems like a dream sometimes.Like images from another life i still haven't lived.I still remember watching some posters of the Ministry of Greek tourism as a kid hanging on the walls of ugly looking banks and public offices.Islands that seemed to belong to another world really far from here with names that seemed so exotic like they belonged to some lost nymphs of the sea.The sirens kept calling and soon enough i surrendered to the warm embrace of the sea where i swore my total devotion and love.Since then our love affair has been kept like a sacred vow broken only by death.It's funny but i feel sentimental looking at pictures like these.The days are now getting longer and i long to get close to that magical place where dreams come alive.Even if you are not around i know i might hear your name while the wind caressed the golden fields under the midday sun.

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trakman said...

can't wait to make it there soon..