floating homes

2 March 2012

I guess that if i could choose another time and place to spend my lifetime i guess it would be somewhere around the mid seventies in the states.Recently i stumbled upon this post about a book dedicated to boat houses around North America.I found the article interesting not only in a decorative and aesthetic way but as a mostly because of it's vivid depiction of a bohemian lifestyle that seems more relevant than ever today.It has often been my dream to live on a floating house and be near the water for all of my life.I love the feeling of freedom and slowness that these pictures carry,a sense that time is still and life is supposed to be only an issue of happiness.More than that they give a great reason to change our way of seeing our apartments and be a bit more creative than the standard white and minimal approach.For me the pic with the guy that looks like Paul Newman with the cougar posing while he is reading a magazine is the true meaning of cool .Not only the dude has a house on water but has a cougar for a pet.I don't know what more i could ask.The pictures are from the 1977 book Houseboat: Reflections of North America's Floating Homes... History, Architecture, and Lifestyles. by Ben Dennis and Betsy Case.It is definitely worth grabbing a copy of it.

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