February 2 2012

This is mixtape i received recently from a really dear friend.Back in the days before the web Theodore and i used to exchange mixtapes recorded onto cassete and sent in envelopes from Athens to London and vice versa.This is a tribute to those early days.Me and Theodore go back almost 20 years and im happy i can still be around him and hang out when possible.Over the years he has been a friend,a part time musician,a professor of law,a lover and a husband and soon he is gonna be practicing the art of parenthood.Thanks for this one mate.

Mornings-A mixtape by Theodore

The Meeting Places-Freeze Our Stares
The Morning Clouds-The Wrong Things
Deportees-Islands and Shores
The Temper Trap-Sweet Disposition
Wild Nothing-Cloudbusting
Monster Movie-In the Morning
Moscow Olympics-Keeping the Avenues Open
Cass McCombs-The Same Thing
High Highs-Horses
The Amazing-Gone
Cats On Fire-My sense of Pride
French Horn Rebellion-Last Summer
Camera Obscura-Razzle Dazzle Rose
Radical FAce-All is Well
The Boy Who Trapped the Sun-Telescope

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