l'automne a pekin

1 November 2011

After some years of hopefully waiting to hold this records in my hands.this morning with trembling fingers i opened a box from the post office containing this.I guess the feeling was the same like meeting someone for the first time that existed only in your dreams.I had played this record many times in my mind like the soundtrack to a movie where the stars are you and me and in the end we get to kiss in some smoky bar playing Cole Porter covers,while the rain is pouring outside.L'Automne A Pekin.The title of the record alone is enough to make me daydream.Such small things make my life richer and brighter.Such small details that make such a big difference.I spend all afternoon listening to this while making some bolognese.The food tasted much tastier in fact.I decided that this Christmas i'm throwing a black tie bash with this playing in the background all night.And i'm gonna invite only people that love someone or something deeply.

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