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30 November 2011

Coming back from London recently i only came back to realise that sometimes i feel like a stranger in my city.A feeling of not belonging in some way.And the feeling that most of the things i was attached to are fading away leaving a huge gap that requires a huge effort to be covered.For some time now i have been trying through this blog to present the things that i find at least great in Athens and help me withstand the fatigue created by boredom.One of those places is Baba O Rum.Possibly the best bar in town and the one that paved the way for many imitators that jumped on hype of mixology.In a city where most people never really cared much about what's in their glass as long as it made them pissed,Baba O Rum dared to become a bar dedicated to science of make drinking a pleasure again.Watching owner Thanasis mix and talk about his spirits on a quiet afternoon is a pleasure on it's own.He shows that loving your trade ends up in the things you do through a way of osmosis.Although i'm not much of a cocktail guy and i prefer my spirits straight i have tasted some remarkable things in Baba O Rum.Usually the best time for me is when i get to taste a new whiskey in the shop's enormous stock that's always refreshed with interesting labels.The highlight from my recent visit was having a few glasses from the last bottle of a Nikka in the bar,a Japanese whiskey that's one of the best blended whiskeys you can get and some of the might Hibiki Suntory 17 years old which has become a favourite lately.Visit Baba O Rum on a nice afternoon and try a Manhattan made stirred in a great glass pot using Laphroig whiskey and you will understand the difference from the Manhattans you had by now and how serious they take things there.If you are in Athens don't leave without visiting this great bar.

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jack_faith said...

curious about that Manhattan/Rob Roy - have to get the vermouth just right, to pair with that kind of peat. I think ice can work with Lap, personally. Just tried the new Caol Illa 12 unpeated (64% but so drinkable) and while a little bit expensive for cocktails I think it could be quite intriguing in the right hands.