london times

22 November 2011

Some random pics from my weekend in London.Was actually a short but very satisfying trip.Good fun.And the NonCollective party was definitely a highlight.A good example of what good friends armed only with their bravado and good records can achieve.A dancefloor full of dancing and happy ladies is every man's ideal night.Life bar was a great venue and made everything easier for us.Some great coctails,fun and good food at Spuntinos was another good moment of the trip.One of the funniest things that happened while i was there was walking into Present in Shoreditch and realising they were laying Greek folk music from the islands.Is it a hipster thing to do?It felt really funny and thought to tell a guy i was working there that actually this music sounds weird if you are Greek.Especially in there and not some dodgy Cypriot/Greek restaurant.I managed to refrain from shopping and it actually felt really good in the end.As always it felt nice to be back and see old friends.It was only a bit quick and feels weird to be back.

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