my athens

October 24 2011

I have to apologise to anyone going through here for the lack if posts.I got solid reasons though for being away.Due the overgrowing turbulence in the Greek society and a cloud of misery overcasting over the city my mood wasn't exactly dreamy and inspired.Actually i refrained from many of my favourite activities including from feeling too miserable.I thought to return with some images from the city that has suffered so much lately.It's a place i love deeply and think that has amazing potential.i just wish it was more livable nowadays.A glorious past is clearly pictured on this buildings though.It's sad that we only tend to look on it's ugly sides.It sure deserves something more.Even me thought it was too ugly of a place to take pictures of.But to my surprise i found out maybe the city like a human would,gives you back all the love you give.Athens is my home and home is where the heart is.

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