30 October 2011

These are some pictures from what was probably one of my best trips to London ever.Doing huge walks from Battersea Park all the way to the docks after Chelsea and then back to Sloan Square.It was one of the most deep and contemplating experiences.It's sad that i never got the chance despite my frequent visits to London to recapture this experience.The crowded East End and city centre don't resemble in any sense the solidute and almost eerie absence of a living soul that i encounter on my walks down the docks.I always looked down on people that find it hard to stand their own presence for more than a couple of hours and crave for human company even if it is of the lowest level.For me the only way to look to the very depths of our existence,take a close peak to our naked without the excessive fioritures we use in order to present our invented self's to others,is being solitary even if it is for only a while.Perhaps next time i should find some time for this.It might not live up to these glorious walks back then but it's worth a try nevertheless.

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