chicken rhythms

26 October 2011

Time for a simple and quick recipe for people that want something tasty after coming home from work before settling for a crappy pizza.

Orange Honey Chicken


Two big Chicken breast without the bones
The juice from 3 or 4 Oranges
Fresh Thyme
Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper
A teaspoon of honey
Olive Oil
Jameson whiskey(Or whatever you like)

Simple and quick.Cut the chicken breasts into smaller slices.Add olive oil to a hot pan and toss the chicken.
Season with the Cayenne pepper,thyme and salt to your preferenceDont let the meat burn from the outside and cook thoroughly till it gets a nice brownish color..Once ready flambe with the whiskey.When the alcohol has evaporated add the juice and honey.Bring to simmer and let the juice cook till it gets thick and gets a caramel like color and texture.Add freshly grounded black pepper and serve immediately with a nice risotto !

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