beach life

September 6 2011

I stumbled across this video while going through A Continuous Lean recently and was left speechless.Three celluloid legends enjoying the carefree life that the west coast so effortlessly offers to some privileged people.It's truly captivating to go back with this video to an era so far away but so close at the same time.if it wasn's for some clothing items(that look great by the way),the whole thing could be shot recently.The fact that the film is silent adds a great deal to the overflowing sentiment captured in it.Add the fact that Natalie Wood died drowned tragically almost 20 years later.if you take the dramatic effect away it's just a bunch of beautiful people having fun in a great place.I just adore the white houses on the beach.If you check the video out on You Tube you can find a bunch more from the same location and numerous Hollywood legends making their way in front of the camera.Thanks to filmmakers Luke Sacher & Carole Langer for uploading this amazing series of videos on the tube.

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