The Italian Job

16 September 2011

Finding a place that you can call your joint or your hangout if you prefer is definitely not an easy job.Especially when it comes to coffee joints i always found Athens a massively unwelcoming place.The qualities that lift a cafe to another level for me were always good coffee,something good to eat at a good price and the sense of belonging.Usually for me it was bad coffee,overpriced and boring sandwiches and a waitress or a barista that made the act of serving seem more unpleasant than collecting the trash.In a few words people that behave like they are doing you a favor serving you,no sense of belonging whatsoever and ridiculous prices for ridiculous products.I was thinking that as long as most people are ok with that)including me that used to go to numerous cafes that didn't worth a penny of my money),and support low quality then low quality is what you will get in the end.
In a way i almost feel sad that it took me two year to spot this heavenly cafe that sits next to the central square of Athens for almost two years now.Well it's never too late to learn.
After a couple of times there this place already feels like home and has become an everyday ritual that helps me get some steam off.
Brigante is a tiny place owned by a really lovely young couple.It's the first time that one of the main things i noticed in a cafe is the way that everyone that walks in is almost treated as a friend.And it's the first time that i walk into a place,having all guys from the stuff saying hello, have a small talk with the barista without feeling obligatory,discuss the latest news with the owner while enjoying one of the best pizzas you can find in Athens and drinking a full bodied Italian styled espresso.
Actually is the first time that i shake hands with people in a cafe.It feels intimate and warm.And ti's not pretentious at all.
I ended up talking more about the food it seems and less about what you can eat or drink there.
I guess it's as important for me.Anything you will try,the Pizza's,Focacias and paninis are mouthwatering and the prices are not comparable to anything else.It's a place that i'm looking forward to visiting again and again with the same enthusiasm.I think if there were more hard working and aspired guys people like these guys could Athens could into the city that it was supposed to be by,offering simple and superior quality stuff for a good price and giving something from their heart.I always wondered why most people can be so sting with something that is free..Next time a grumpy waitress serves you poison in a cup for 4 euros think again.Life is all about making choices.And i always thought choices change the small world we live in.

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