2 September 2011

In Greece Autumn is a season that's slowly disappearing to my disappointment,since it is one of my favourite times of the year.Altough the calendar is clocking steadily in to September it still feels like summer.Well weather wise at least because life is completely back on track.I have loved autumn since i was a kid and anticipated the smell of wet soil by the street and the feeling of a light sweater as it touches your skin on a breezy night.I was always fantasizing experiencing Autumn somewhere in the northeast States where the yellow sea of the birch leaves is coloring Vermont.
For me this autumn is a chance to reevaluate priorities and be more creative.Athens is blooming with exhibitions and interesting events and i'm building up my anticipation for ''real autumn'' whenever that is.To get me more in the mood i have started doing some autumn shopping.Some nice boots,lightweight jacket and this ''theme'' shirt by Gitman Vintage which was on my wantlist for a while now.Quite a bold choice going for an Eskimos,canoe and polar bears themedshirt i guess but this one is doing the job neatly.The color is just amazing,somewhere a dark green with a hint of blue and the patterns carry this childhood naive feeling that's almost nostalgic.All i need now is an good axe and some wood to chop.
I fear that i will have to wait quite long till get a chance to wear this but it's worth the wait all the way.Available only at Nitty Gritty

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