8 August 2011

Recently someone i love too much flew over the big ocean to a new land and a new life.My farewell gift was probably another one in a series of the best gifts someone could ever get for me.Someone that knows me too well and can see through my cracks.The "Blue Room'' is a book by American photographer Eugene Richards.Richards spent almost three years taking pictures of abandoned houses in rural America.I was always deeply fascinated by the almost eerie feeling that an abandoned house can give you especially after spending sometime in one last winter somewhere around the woods outside of Athens.I felt almost like an intruder going in but after a while the walls started dragging me in and in.The thing that surprised me mostly was the way everything was left behind in a way that suggested that the people who lived there had to live in a big hurry.Like in Richards' pictures household utensils,clothes and appliances are still waiting for someone to use them again.Someone that's not there.This sense of unpresence and the inevitable decay of time upon these houses along with the memories of past lives that soak the walls like moisture is enough to make you think about the insignificance of life it's self.
I was going through the pages of this book yesterday while listening to Nebraska and i could not help but descent to a deep melancholy that left me feeling numb for hours.There is certain sadness to these images,an unpleasant reminder of life's fragility.I know all this is not suitable or pleasant enough for a midsummer night where the heat is melting everything and i might have to apologise to anybody that happens to read this blog for the gloominess.My main goal was to introduce you to this amazing publication by Phaidon that captured my heart forever.In the words of this really special person that bought me this ''I always knew you had this secret blue place in your heart''.I guess you can't be more right about this love.

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