10 July 2011

In this part of the world sometimes when the lights begins to fade into this blue mist that covers everything before it surrenders to the night,it's hard to tell where the sea ends and where the sky begins.There is nothing to interrupt the vastness of the dark water for miles and miles.Only the trembling lights from the harbor shine in the nights like distant stars.Cicadas sing of the story of a boy lost in the deep blue searching a mermaid that stole his heart.Her name is a secret that the leaves of the trees whisper rattling like sacred drums when the northern winds hit the island without mercy.I keep going back every summer just to listen to that weird song of the wind while i watch the big blue stretching endlessly in front of me eyes.This is what the song sounds like.If you listen closely yourself maybe you can hear her name.It's not for everyone to hear.It's a secret the gods kept for those with a pure heart,for those that dive in the big blue for their love like divers looking for sponges in the depths of the ocean.Dive with me and live eternally.

Columbo Blues

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