23 June 2011

After a an almost 20 day absence from the web world i came back only to realise that like all artificial needs it's not something i can't really live without.This helped me realise that this endless world of useful and useless information can be either a fountain of knowledge or a bin of recycled trash.So i guess this absence made me reevaluate my attitude towards the web.
One of the things that renewed my faith in the internet was stumbling across this finely crafted blog while going through the twitts of a good friend.It's been quite long since i found a blog so refreshing and interesting to read while being so close to my interests and tastes.From ways to repair your worn out APC denim to a nice article about the Specials and great styling tips this is a great guide to a refined gentleman.Although still a young blog i hope it continues in this way and give me a bit of quality time on the web.

Stitched and Stitched

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