22 June 2011

After a socking wet rainy time in London im glad to be back in sunny Athens.One of the few times that i feel so happy to be back to the Meds.Apart from an amazing night at LN-CC store and hanging out with good friends London was a bit miserable this time making me think that our relationship is slowly coming to an end.Like a lot of intense relationships do.I guess that the frantic rhythms of this city are too much for me.Life seems to lack a spontaneous drive.Quality of life is much more about living in a healthy enviroment meeting your everyday needs that a consumerism ''so called heaven'' where your life is pretty much programmed.Sounds boring to me.Like knowing the end of a movie before it even begins.I-live.The infamous Apple "I'' could easily be the new I of the next century replacing every analog thought or action.Like i need to be wired to the net 24/7 to check all the new nonsense the internet world has to offer.What i need is a small house by the sea that is designed ''user friendly'',some people i love,decent food,clean air and the music.Life is simple.

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