3 May 2011

Pretty soon our our bodies will be baptised again in the holy waters of our eternal mother.We will make our return back to the womb again,listening to the song of the dolphins while lost in a world of blue echoes.After we are gonna dry under the warm caress of the sun and our eyes will get burned for an instance from staring at his face.No one has ever seen seen his face really.His beauty is blinding for our mortal eyes.Only the white painted walls of the islands like a huge mirror reflect a part of his glory for our own eyes to see.Every evening he mates with the lady in a fanfare of red flashes and purple explosions that paint the sky.We are in a small balcony and this song is playing somewhere in the background.The wind is getting colder and my skin gets harder from trying to adjust.I feel your little fingers touching the inside of my palm.The light around is getting blue.Our empty room with our unmade beds in the dim light is the place where we dream our dreams of love.My eyes are heavy and the faraway sound of someone walking in the isle is the last thing in my ears before i surrender to Morpheus laying by your side.

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