29 April 2011

Back in time,when i was around 16 i was recording movies on VHS from the vast variety of quality cinema that thew greek TV had to offer back then before it got corrupted by the disease that turned Greece into a place inhabited by zombies addicted to trash.
The first time i watched this movie was a landmark for me.Few things have shaped my point of view in life,my aesthetics,my ethics and sexual behaviour as much as this film has done.I remember using my camera to take snaps of Haydee's almost childish body.In her body lies the eternal female,the everlasting desire.In this female character created by Rohmer a whole study of the female mind is presented.Still after so many years i run back to that french country side resort with it's empty rooms filled with the sound of silence.I know in one way or the other i have talked and written too much about this film and i tend almost to get boring with my obsessions.If you are not one of those people belonging to this special club of devotees(some of you know who you are),get your self a copy and now that the summer days are getting close,choose a quite night and enjoy this masterpiece on your solitude.

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