4 March 2011

These two products are part of my every day routine before leaving home each morning.''Hinoki'' is simply the best Eau De Toilette i have ever tried on me and it's growing to be in one of the most intimate smells of my entire life.The unique strength of this perfume lies in it's ability to carry you to a certain setting.Smelling it makes me travel to a Japanese hot tub surrounded by steam and the smell of incense and soap soaks the heavy morning air.There is an almost sanitary edge to it giving a really a fresh and cleansing feeling.I could imagine a fragrance like this being used in a ritual.The only bad aspect about it is that it only comes in 50ml and is a bit pricey for an Eau De Toilette.Kiehls grooming creme is a sleek non oily hair styling product that is the best choice if you want a lightweight hold that leaves your hair look healthy and almost free of residues.It's perfect i you want to style.It's perfect for people like me that don't really like hair products.I give it some extra points for the really classic packaging.

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