March 8 2011

I'm one of those people that worship sandwiches to the extent that i could only be fed on them for the rest of my years.I still have really fond memories of a deli in Edinburgh that made some amazing sandwiches with the freshest ingredients,like a home made roast beef that was just out of the oven or one of the best tasting onion chutneys i have tried.I could really use a visit to this place again.After this intro you can't expect anything less than the ultimate guide on Sandwiches i have come across on the web.Scandwiches is comprehensive guide to sandwich making as well as the perfect ''know how'' of American Delis.I guess that if i was living in New York i would visit every single one of them.Anyway this is great site of you love sandwiches as much as i do.Mouthwatering.

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