March 13 2011

I thought to dedicate a post to the proud people of this amazing land that are suffering the consequences of one of the largest physical disasters the world has seen.I always admired the Japanese people for their discipline and the respect towards the forces of nature and their significance in human life.Tsunami is a Japanese word meaning harbor wave.This famous painting by Hokusai sums up the struggle of this land against the vast powers unleashed by the mighty earthquake.This lonely island has been shaped over the years both in geophysicaly and socialy by the physical disasters and death caused by the numerous eruptions of the mount Fujiyama,the earthquakes and the Tsunami.My deepest sympathy and admiration goes to the Japanese people,the descendants of the proud Samurai fighters.Like many times before in the past i hope this country will rise from it's ashes and stand on it's feet again.For all of us it's good chance to take a break and look at life from a distance and realise that men are just a tiny part of the big picture.It's a chance to let go of our pride and vanity which are the real catastrophic powers of this world.So lets pause and re evaluate our priorities.Earth has a long long history and we were not always part of it.We might not even be a part of it forever.The rivers,the mountains and the sea will stand in their place no matter what happens in the petty world that humans created based on good and evil.Nature is neither good or evil.Nature has no feelings.It doesn't act on motives.This philosophy is deeply rooted in the Japanese culture.

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