4 February 2011

I ''stole'' this video from Tommy Blackburn(a great video artist,music lover and long time web friend).This is such a breathtaking video.The featured car is the the Ferrari 512 Modulo,a Pininfarina designed concept car that was never put into production.Mostly a showcase of designing strength,most of it's revolutionary features were used into later models of the Italian legend.What is really funny about the car is that it virtually could'nt turn around corners due to the covers of the wheels.Designed in !968 this almost like part of the future sent to us in VHS tape to get a glimpse of what is to follow.Watching the car moving silently through these empty landscapes surrounded by the morning mist makes the whole experience even more eerie and ethereal.The music used in the video sounds like the best track Vangelis never produced.Amazing.If anyone has a clue who produced this i would be grateful.

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