25 January 2011

I know i have mentioned Seigen Ono and his music quite a few times through my blogs the past few years but this time it's a really special occasion that brings his name to notice again.While going through dusty and neglected record shops around Athens looking for records that will make my day,i bumped into Seigen Ono's Comme De Garcons 1 for the second time.I was already too much excited when i found this record some years ago but a second time was too much to ask for.In fact the really exciting fact about this discovery was that in the sleeve of the record i found an old page feature from a Greek magazine of the early 90's with a really great intro to Seigen and his magical world.Together with these page i discovered a bunch of hand written notes that were in fact the notes of a radio show used by a journalist for a Seigen Ono special show..I was almost touched going through the pages and feeling the warmth in the words describing this beloved musician and his work.It was like a message from another time,from an a friend i never met.A Japanese friend.I always thought that my healthy obsessions were in fact too lonely sometimes and only the thought of sharing one of this obsessions brought me between a smile and a tear.Im just wondering if the person behind those notes still remembers this radio show almost 20 years ago.Nevertheless it's always exciting to find weird stuff inside record sleeves but this case was definitely the most special one.It was one of this occasions that makes gives your every day routine a touch of magic.

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