21 January 2010

The recipe to the simplest mouthwatering 10 minute pasta.

A quarter of a kilo pasta(most preferably green and white tagliatelle or penne).
Half an onion finely sliced
150 gr. of fine pancetta roughly sliced
A small cup of peas
The juice of one lemon
Two tablespoons of fine olive oil
One small lump of butter
Black pepper
Grated Parmesan cheese

Boil the pasta al dente or to your preference.Drain the water and put the hot pasta in small bowl.
In the same pot you used to boil the pasta cook the onion for a few minutes in medium heat before it starts getting brown.At that point add the pancetta and cook until it gets almost crispy while stirring thouroughl.Now it's time to add the peas and continue cooking until the get soft and tender.It doesnt need much time just 2 or 3 more minutes are enough for them to get their sweet taste out.Now drop the past back in the hot pot and stir around vigorously so all the ingredients mix well.Add a lump of butter and continue stirring.The last touch is to add the lemon juice and the fresh grounded pepper and give it a last good stir.Serve immediately and add some the parmesan cheese on top.Try it and let me know what you think.For me it was the perfect Saturday afternoon lunch and much better than any delivery junk i usually eat on weekends.

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