15 December 2010

London facts:

1.Everyone tends to look the same in a quite dull way
2.My big expectations for Weatherall's party flopped big time.He looked like a Daniel Day Louis trying to make people dance while everyone just wanted to have a fag at the cloakroom.
3.Red wings are not cool anymore.Maybe only if you live in Tokyo.
4.Some people dressed in top man gear don't wear socks while it's zero outside.sartorialist to blame.
5.Gilbert and George are always at Mangal.Maybe they have a spare room in the kitchen area.
6.Power failures might be fun after all.
7.''Off with their heads''.
8.You can meet a bunch of nice lads and gals.
9.Over-consumerism sucks.
10.London is a not a good place to dig for records.
11.Jamie Oliver's new butcher shop near Saint Paul's Cathedral makes your saliva a running waterfall.
12.The French Room in Soho is one the best places to catch a John Smith's ale.In the second world war the upper floor was the headquarters of general De Gaulle.Thaks to Phil for introducing me to this hideout.
14.''Present'' in Shoreditch makes the best espresso in the world.Wish i could go back only to try this.Plus some great unaffordable clothing gear and shoes.
15.A lot of girls worth falling in love with.Or their clothes.

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