9 October 2010

Recently i visited ''Cosa Nostra''one of my favourite places to in Athens to eat and hang out.It has been quite some years now since i first visited this New York/Italian influenced restaurant.It was a Sunday afternoon and we were looking for a place to eat while walking at the really hip at the time Psirri area in Athens.Now Psirri following the fate of most Athens' neighborhoods has become a slum like ghetto with little interest for young people.The most striking thing about Cosa Nostra is the really accurate replica decoration resembling a New York mafia restaurant with really unique vintage furniture and memorabilia adding even more genuine feeling to the enviroment.One of the owners Mr Takis is an antique seller and collector and has taken personal care in making this restaurant a real getaway from the city's madness.The food is maybe more American and less Italian and maybe a bit overpriced but eating at Cosa Nostra is an experience on it's own and definitely worths it's money.Living in a city that slowly decaying and losing more and more of it's glory and iconic hangouts,holding on to places that can still offer you some hours of relaxation,is essential for my well being.Lately i had been trying hard to think of the places i like to hang out in Athens and the list is getting smaller and smaller day by day.It's almost sad and makes me wonder if i will be able to spend a happy life here for the years to come.Sometimes i think it's so easy to get on a plane and leave everything behind.But this is another story.For those of you that live in Athens or plan to visit Cosa Nostra is a place i recommend for a night out of the ordinary.

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