6 September 2010

When you are a band so witty and sophisticated as It's Imatterial were you can't go wrong even when it comes to your record's artwork.I have never troubled to bother with the picture on the sleeve of Ed's Funky Dinner sleeve although it always carried some sort of familiarity.So after many years i discovered that it's weird colored photo of the ''Beanery'',probalbly the most famous work of installation pioneer Edward Kienholz.Kienholz was a groundbraking artist that used a great deal of sarcasm and brutality on his works criticising many aspects of every day life.The ''Beanery'' is one of the first installtions to include chemically produced odors to give the sculpture a real life effect.It was a good chance to look further into this groundbreaking artist's work that pictured in such a voyeuristic way the almost tragic aspects of every day life in the big city and rural America.

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