22 September 2010

So today i bumped into Chloe while walking around,had a cheesepie from the best place you can get one in Athens and checked out naked girls with a vintage look in an adult cinema entrance.The cheesepie i mentioned before is something you have to try your self.A small and soft pie with a delicate buttery taste that feels heavenly in your mouth.My dad used to take me to this one since i was a kid.The place is still the same as it was 2o years ago.Wooden walls and ceiling and neon lighting still there and the owner still carries that same faraway politeness,that is so hard to find around nowadays.The adult cinema across the street still features the same girls it did 30 years ago or more.I find these posters sexier than any porn that is out there at the moment.Sometimes i would like to sneak into one of those temples of fetish and blend in with the masturbating peeping Toms.I always wondered how many people have jerked off in these projection rooms all these years,''fertilizing'' the floor with their semen and giving it life.Really what kind of people walk into these cinemas?I mean paid sex and porn is all around but this is another story.This is a proper fetish ceremonial for lonely weirdos that enjoy jerking off in dark dirty and smelly rooms.I always admired people that varied sexually from the crowd even if that means buying your girl fake hair for her armpits.I think we should all respect everyone's right to individualism when it comes to fantasy.Last but not least after a cheesepie and some porn comes Chloe.Chloe is a girl that may not feature in my list of number ones when it comes to looks but carries a certain coolness that would make her the ideal girlfriend.By the way she looks pretty stunning in that pic.

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