27 August 2010

After fixing my broken camera i'm officially back from holidays as i'm able to post some stuff from that great times around the Aegean sea.One of our stops was at Santorini island where we spent 3 amazing days at the Altana suites in Imerovigli.The hospitality of our friends and owners,Christos and Marios Bekiaris was something more than satisfactory.Spending even so few days at the hotel is a unique experience and the personal effort and care these guys put in what they do is something you can't find easily.So a big thanks to the guys for giving us a taste of paradise.While staying there i couldn't help noticing these sunglasses.Such an amazing piece of craftsmanship and a good example of how all things American were built to last.These 24k gold Ray Bans featuring original Bausch and Lomb lenses are probably the most impressive pair of sunglasses i have set eyes upon.Compared to today's eyewear this looks like a Rolls Royce of sunglasses.The most amazing detail is the part of frame that bends round the ear.While not being a separate part of the frame it's not hard like the rest of it but a flexible piece that resembles a wire.Overally this piece reminds us in the best way that real style is something that endures the test of time like these sunglasses.It's not a matter of hype of fashion.Some items are beyond that and this is one of them.If you are lucky enough to have a stylish father with a big heart and your name starts with a V this is what you can end up with.More info on Altana suites at the link below

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