16 August 2010

I know it has been a while but i was too busy doing nothing somewhere around the Aegean sea.Im back with a darker skin complexion and feeling one part of me is still somewhere around the blue waters.The city feels like a Dante's inferno and the only interesting thing i could do in this half empty madhouse was buying the new issue of the Monocle publications which is a nice newspaper edition that goes south of the border and focuses on the Mediterranean.To be honest i had lost interest in Monocle for quite sometime now as it had been gradually transforming into a magazine with no sort of realism whatsoever.When creating a magazine you think of the kind of people that will consist your buyers group.I have always wondered how many people would keep on being interesting in a magazine that hosts reviews of lear jets every now and then.In times where the worldwide economic crisis demands for a simpler and more genuine approach to life magazines should just readjust their priorities.For me the real success of a magazine is capturing the beat of the moment,and shaping it's content around that.This new issue does that in the best possible way as it goes where the action is this summer.The Med is the real field of activity in the summer.From Formentera to Mykonos and Sicily to Tangier the Med is the best place to catch the sun.It's nice to see a small piece on Greece and the efforts of inspired and young people to invest on products and services that can put Greece back in the game again after really hard spring.Although this counts as a good effort i find the article quite shallow and brief as almost every single piece on Greece in international magazines.A really interesting part of the newspaper was the one presenting some of the best radio stations in the Mediterranean including are very own En Leuko.Overally i found this new issue really refreshing and interesting to read.The layout and design is worth a real praise and especially the contributors column is one of the cleverest ideas i have encountered lately.Go out and get yourself a copy.If you are on holidays it's a good way to accompany your espresso and if you are in the city it's a good way to get a glimpse of the Mediterranean while being in your living room.

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