12 July 2010

I stumbled upon this NYC based surf shop while looking through the Baron Wells site and found it a very interesting conceptual store with a great looking blog that's the perfect summer spot for people who love style and the sea.Although i'm not a surfer and i don't guess i would ever be one i find this idea of belonging to this masonry like group of people that worship the sea at least fascinating.Saturdays is a little concept store in the heart of the Soho shopping centre that sells surf related accessories,surfboards and some really stylish clothing gear and accessories.You can grab a cup of coffee as well while looking around.I stole the video from their site as i found it the perfect way to show you how much we need this summer escape to the sea.Turn the resolution to 1080p and enjoy.Don't forget to check Saturdays' blog over here for more summer coolness.

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