21 June 2010

Some time ago i previewed the release of Industrie magazine.With little info of what the context of the real thing would be i was caught unaware after getting the first issue in my hands.To be honest i was expecting something more pretentious but in reality this turned out to be the most interesting fashion publication i have encountered.Finally this is a magazine that you can read from start to finish with interest and feeling that the people behind it thought really hard before writing anything down.It's a return to basics,a magazine about the people behind the scenes that produce real fashion.It was about time a magazine focuses on the people that shaped the face of today's style and imagery.Being bombarded by thousands of new kids on the block and interviews of people that have little or nothing to say and cause you only constant yawning.Working for magazines my self i think it's time to get back to the real heroes of life,distinguish between real taste and kitsch cacophonies.i have always thought that people who are really gifted are the ones that stick around in the end.Take for example Karl Templer that gives an amazing interview that goes back to the early 90's and the golden times of fashion.it's nice to see how a man with a real passion climbed the ladder of success ending up being on of the most iconic stylists of our time.If that's not enough you got Dazed's Katie Grand,Rick Owens working out,Daria going naked for Patrick Demarchelier and Paco Rabbane's futuristic chainmails on the beach.All of this presented in a easy to read and classic layout with big beautiful fonts that makes going through pages a really pleasant experience.

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