17 May 2010

Last Friday i attended the opening night of Alexandros Tzannis' exhibition at the Breeder gallery in Keramikos.If you are not familiar with Alexandros' work it's a good chance to have a look your self till the 19 of June.More on Alexandro's bio and info on the exhibition at the Breeder site.At the same night i visited the space of Kunsthalle Athena-The Bar which in my humble opinion was one of the most beautiful buildings i have visited in Athens.The place was oozing with the energy of a live space that breathes.The house seemed as an entire entity of it's own with a personality.As a whole,although i wasn't really interested in the exhibition it'self overally it was a effort that deserved praise and would be interesting to have a follow up.Check more the Kunsthalle Athena-The Bar.

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