10 May 2010

Although reviewed ages ago on the Inventory magazine,Personal Effects is a book you have to check out.Whether you are a fan of his personal style or not there is no argument that Hiroshi Fujiwara one of the most emblematic figures in street style and is an an individual that through his personal brands and collaborations has shaped in siginificant the world of contemporary style.Basically this book is a collection of photographs from Hiroshi's personal collection of favourite items many of which are products designed by him brands he has worked with.It's nice to see the personal wardrobe and accesories of such an influential person on today's lifestyle.I won't get into more details on this as Inventory magazine has done a great review on this.All photographs courtesy of Inventory Magazine.For those not familiar with this amazing style magazine from Canada maybe it's a good chance to have a look.The next issue for Summer of 2010 is already available to order at their site.This is a magazine that will be getting a lot of attention around here as it's a definitive source of style.All photographs courtesy of Inventory Magazine

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