10 April 2010

I found this really interesting interview of Ralph Lauren after my friend David McFarline of the Non Collective recommended it.To be honest i expected just a talk on style but this more than that.After listening to Ralph Lauren listing the sources of his influences i reached to the point that fashion is something really more than just clothes.It's really interesting seeing the connections of fashion with pop and social culture,iconology,sociology and the part of role modeling and creating an identity by using style.It's really great listening to Lauren explaining how a classic tweed jacket with patches represent an easy going earthiness that is timeless or how he chased after a farmer just because he found his truck cool and wanted to have it,or how he used patterns influenced by one of his history teachers from school.The quote ''I don't design clothes,i design life'' is what sums up the whole Ralph Lauren philosophy.I always thought that Ralph Lauren was always more than a brand of clothing,it was a real way of life.In my world he is the most stylish person ever.A real visionary that expressed a whole nation.A man that not only dressed millions of people with style.More than that he sold dreams.He sold the dream of a good life.I still have some classic Polo shirts from the 80's that my dad used to wear and i consider them to be the most stylish items i own.If i had to think of only one word to describe the Raulph Lauren brandname and it's heritage then it would only be the word timeless.

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