the wind of change part 3

I still struggle really hard  to find the reasons behind my complete lack of inspiration  that led to the abandonment of this blog. Looking at it's pages once again it seems that the person writing all these years was someone pretending to be me. Everything seems like images from another life. I guess one of the reasons is that most of my creative output was channeled into the making of Kennedy Magazine. Other reasons might include special people departing for unknown places. At least my frequent travels give me some material to contribute to this deserted place. This one is the documentation of my recent trip to Moscow. A summer that felt like Autumn. Hope to make my appearance back on these pages soon. And I hope I will keep that promise.


Bill Evans, Drip Dry Eyes, beef burgers, 12th floor view of Athens, red hair on a comb, wet towels, smell of shampoo, taxi rides, red wine, singing Arcade Fire loud, a green skirt, holes in socks, mixed veggies, tea bags, supermarkets, lobbies. A few days with my beloved friend Adrianna Glaviano.